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SAINTE-MARIE-AUX-MINES, FRANCE — Sometimes things turn out the way they are supposed to, and we at Sierra Club Green Home cannot help but notice. In this case, it is one solar company that is powered in equal parts by sustainability and social responsibility.

When Jean Viry-Babel, co-founder of Thousandsuns, had the concept to design a power source for the electricity-free beach houses that scatter the shores of England, he did not know it would lead to providing high-efficiency portable solar generators and panels used worldwide for disaster and recovery purposes, in addition to recreation… .

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A Birthday Never Ends….

Posted: January 29, 2012 in Musings

Earlier this month I celebrated my grandmother’s 100th birthday.  She was with me, in an ethereal sense, as I lit the candle in front of the Virgin Mary to offer an intention for her soul.  She loved those things…religious rituals amidst the quiet relics of Catholicism.  I remember her today as vividly as I did in the days following her death, when I awoke from my dreams trying to hold on to her, but her skin cracked, leaving only an empty shell.  I still remember her silken hair, her porcelain skin, the abdication in her eyes, and the way I loved her.

Today I celebrate my Auntie’s birthday.  Her ashes are buried at the base of a rose-bush, they have recycled, and her spirit soars with the hawks.  She pointed them out to me once.  We were walking beneath the Sequoias, and the hawks encircled her, guiding her, she said.  Their wings lifted her to the top of the mountain that day, despite her tired body.  It was with a beautiful smile that Auntie greeted the winds that dipped down from the snow caps that surrounded us at the lookout point.  Her smile remains with me.

Happy Birthday Grandmother, Auntie.  I am richer with the thought of you.

Kiss, Kiss,